Ted’s Woodworking Review

Handcrafted woodworking projects are the best hobbies for those of you who want to shake the stress of. This is such a fun and yet PRODUCTIVE hobby, and everyone should try it during weekends or any other free time you have on your hands. So today’s review is about Ted’s Woodworking program.

Nothing is comparable to the glamour of natural timber. There is something so satisfying about crafting furniture and toys with your own hands.

Not everyone feels prepared to try this because they think a lot of experience and skills are needed for you to do woodworking projects, but that is not the case at all if you have the right amount of quality information near you, and this is what Ted’s Woodworking program brings to you.

It counts with tons of woodworking plans that even newbies can follow. Honestly, I soon became passionate about a hobby I thought I’d never have.


This is actually a good program for those of you who love to spare their time in DIY activities around the house, I personally think this has the purpose of helping out amateur woodworkers, so if you are a professional in the field, odds are you aren’t going to enjoy as much as I did.

This is not a scam at all. I know it sounds very good to be real, but this is authentic as it gets. It comes with a lot of plans for all levels that you can try. The real bummer is that it doesn’t come with 16,000 as promised but it comes with a high number anyways. But the number doesn’t really matter, the plans are very different between each other, so it helps you to improve skills you didn’t even know you had in you.

But it’s not only plans that you will find in this. It also has a lot of downloadable material guides, the videos can absolutely help you if you think you are missing a few steps while completing a project or if you find the plans hard to follow. This happens because the video has a lot of unique tutorials and step-by-step training clips.


1. They have TONS of category of plans. They are very diverse, and the difficulty of the projects enhances as you go through the line-up. No matter the level of difficulties, you are able to follow the plan because is designed to be easy to follow, it has simple step-by-step procedures and instructions

2. Apart from the others, this one has amazing customer support. They respond to all your questions within 48 hours or so. Not only that, but they also offer free email coaching if needed.

3. The video library is very convenient, it’s quite useful. Although you can find a lot of woodworking tutorial videos online, the program offers you the best ones with a lot of compiled information. Not only that, but the videos also contain their own set of guides and tutorials which are actualized every month.


Most of the projects require only things you have at home, aiming to construct useable objects in your own house or even giving them as a gift to a friend. That is why I was so drowned in this. For example, I was able to make toys for my niece (she absolutely loved it) and furniture for my house.

I can visualize the task before I get to start it, making the whole process so effortless! That’s why all the digital files you are going to find in there are so helpful.

Helpful guides hold the customer’s hand through every step.

A vast category of plans to keep you engaged for days.

One of the best customer support teams I have seen.

Each plan is easy to follow for any woodworking amateur.  
Doesn’t provide 16,000 plans as advertised.

Each plan is in PDF format and cannot be edited.  


Woodworking is indeed a fantastic hobby to have. It takes your time in the right amount. You can channelize all that pent-up stress into something creative and useful! Woodworking is quite as unique as a pastime. And Ted’s Woodworking will make sure that you get all your projects done just right!!!