Ryan’s Shed Plans – Review

In today’s review, we are going to show you Ryan’s Shed Plans. This woodworking course by Ryan Henderson is a legit program worth your money.

I can already say to you that most woodworking plans don’t work because they have not been written by experts in the field, but this is not the case here. Whether you are a beginner in this matter, or you are just tired of plans with misleading instructions that end up wasting your money and precious time, this one is for you.

About The Creator Of Ryan’s Shed Plans

After two decades of woodworking experience, Ryan Henderson decided to come up with this program. He is the best option available to guide you through the plans and really teach you how to build up stuff.

In the beginning, he took almost 6 months to finish his first project. He didn’t have the right materials, techniques, or measurements. He invested a lot of money in shed plans, but he couldn’t find any valuable information that could assist him. In fact, they made the problem worse. It was then that Ryan decided to put aside all the misleading information and begin to find his own solutions and, in less than a month, he created his first functional shed and never looked back. Since then, he continually improves his techniques, plans, and skills.

After 20 years, he put together a collection of woodworking plans and this is the most useful you’ll find out there. For newbies, this is excellent, to begin with, and for those who already love woodworking, this is going to present you with new plans to take your time in the most productive way possible.

Pros and Cons of Ryan’s Shed Plans

The plans make beginners passionate about woodworking, once they were especially drawn to make the whole process as enjoyable as possible

your woodworking efforts will be an ego-boosting experience because Ryan’s blueprint will reward your creativity and work.

Detailed and clear instructions

No experience needed
You have to pay for it

It won’t provide you overnight success


1. Materials List: in this, you will find precise information about what each material will be used for. Thus, you will not need to guess what to buy. This will facilitate build up plans for your project. You will be able to purchase everything only once and proceed with your project without disruptions.

2. Thousands of Styles: you will obtain designs for different types of sheds and with them, you will be able to construct a barn of any size.

3. Step-by-Step Instructions: all plans come with them. It makes it easier for you to design your shed without feeling lost on what to do next.

4. Covers All Kinds of Roofs: these include pent roof, gable roof, flat roof, and pyramid roof among others.

5. Supplier Directory: in fact, this is very intelligent and will save you a lot of time. With this directory, you will know where to find rare woods and locate the best bargains.

6. Color Photos make the plans to be interactive.

7. Woodworking Tips: because of his vast woodworking experience, he knows every different technique and worked with the leading woodworking experts in the industry. So, in this program, he provides advanced woodworking tips that will help you transform an amateur into an expert.


Kent Church from Danielson, Connecticut, was impressed with the results. His son helped him built a shed on his property using only one of Ryan’s plans.

Perry from Racine, WI, thinks the directions have excellent quality. He commends Ryan for the simple and clear instructions that made his job easier.

Ivan from Medford, Oregon, completed a 12X20 garden shed in less than a day using this blueprint. He saved over $3,000.

Joshua’s woodworking efforts have been thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable since he started this program. Before Ryan’s program, he used to dread woodworking. He has discovered his woodworking passion. Every day, he continues to improve his woodworking skills because of the thousands of resources offered by Ryan Henderson.

Linden Coleman from Winston-Salem, NC, says that the offered collection of shed plans is one of the best investments that s has made in a long time because it helped him built an awesome garden shed for his family.


I think by now you already know I love this program so of course, I recommend it. This a 100% real deal!!!