The Ugly-Naked Truth About Why It’s So Hard For Us To Lose Weight

Many people questions themselves daily about why it is so hard to lose weight and so easy to gain it all. Besides the obvious part, which means the delicious foods, short-timing and exercises are not that fun to do – there are lots of different factors that affect weight loss and most people don’t even know about it. We are going to tell you 6 reasons why you can lose weight easily…if you do it the right way.

1 – You Have a Short-Term Attitude

You should be taking long-term approaches to your lifestyle instead of thinking about going on a fad diet for a few months that you can’t maintain in order to make it possible for you to lose weight and maintain that. I know this is hard to change, but as with everything…if you keep at it consistently it becomes a habit and then a lifestyle.

With short-terms attitudes, you are more likely to lose 10 or more pounds in a short period of time, but then you suffer a rebound once you figure out the diet is not working for you or something happens in your life that gets you down emotionally. A well-balanced diet properly designed by a professional, including all food groups, works MUCH BETTER in the long run for you to have a healthy body and mind.

The truth is that all of these fad diets, excessive exercise, and detox don’t work as they promise to. They won’t last for life, their effects usually remain for 2 weeks or a couple of months, but that’s all you can get from them.

The right thing, according to experts, is for you to lose one or two pounds per WEEK. Keep in mind that initial weight loss might surpass this number for people who are highly overweight, and then slow down to the suggested one to two pounds per week. By doing so, studies have shown that you won’t lose excessive water or lean tissue as well as increase your chances of avoiding a rebound.

2 – You Have an All-or-nothing Mindset

Once you overcome this, you will be able to promote long-term weight loss. Usually, they cut it all out (literally) which might seem to do some good at the beginning, but in the long-term, you can see this actually doesn’t work. When you have a relapse, you tend to eat everything you weren’t before because why not? Then you will feel bad about it and exercise a LOT to “flush out” all you’ve eaten. This is a destructive cycle, to be honest.

This all-or-nothing concept applies to fitness as well. If you’ve been working out a lot lately but you are not feeling any difference, you don’t feel fitter or stronger, you might be doing it in excess. Toning it down might be the answer to improving your overall fitness (and playing the long game). 

3 – You Lack A Support System To Be Able To Lose Weight

It can be a community, an online one, anything just to keep you motivated through this journey. These are CRITICAL to successful weight loss, and probably the main reason why most people give up before start seeing any results.

Having a healthy diet can be a stigma in lots of places nowadays. It becomes a reason for people to make fun of you, and because of that people quit. Sometimes you deviate from what you should be doing just to be “sociable acceptable”, so you end up eating and drinking just for the sake of your social life – please don’t do that. This is why a SOLID support system is so important to long-term weight loss. If yours isn’t working as it should, find another, and I can assure you this will help you a lot.

4 – You Probably Think Exercise Is The Answer To Lose Weight

I’m here to tell you it isn’t. Exercise is important, I’m not telling you the opposite but it’s not effective alone for weight loss.

You probably know the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym” and it’s a 100 percent the truth. Even if your goals don’t include a shredded stomach, the adage is still relevant. You can’t over-exercise and have a poor diet expecting exceptional and sustainable results.

Exercise should be a part of your approach to weight loss, it even brings lots of benefits to your overall health, but they shouldn’t be seen as the only thing you are willing to do to get there. Many people overestimate the calorie amount that is burned from their workouts when it’s probably a lot less than you think. 

The best approach is to be on a diet rich in vegetables, lean proteins, fruit, healthy fats, and some whole grains. They will serve you best to sustain weight loss and health for a longer period. Combined with a consistent exercise routine (a light one, please), you’ll experience sustained weight loss and be able to maintain those results once you reach your desired goal weight.

5 – Your Sleep, Stress and Workload Are Working Against To You And Your Decision To Lose Weight

Chronic stress may difficult things along this journey of yours. Being a workaholic and sleep-deprived person is definitely prejudicial to your health and weight loss journey. If that sounds like you at the moment, this is probably your routine:

  • First, you wake up motivated and ready to seize the day. You have made plans for a post-work interval run. Your super healthy and prepped dinner is waiting in the refrigerator for you.
  • A few hours into the day, your lack of sleep catches up with you, so your only option to stay awake is to reach for the afternoon coffee. 
  • By the time work is over, you’re way too drained to go out for a walk, so you decide to skip it. 
  • You’re tired and maybe a little stressed or moody, so you skip the healthy dinner and hit a drive-through instead — because comfort food, and well you deserve it after the day you just had.

If this happens occasionally, it’s fine and it means you are still human. But if this is constant forget about the weight loss because you aren’t going to get there maintaining your current lifestyle.

Although food and exercise are important, you also need to make sure that you are sleeping enough and managing your stress.

6 – You Use Supplements Instead of Eating a Healthy Diet

Supplements DON’T WORK unless you do. If you are taking any supplements without work to lose weight yourself, you won’t see any results. In other words, you need to work for them to do their function.

If every morning you take a protein shake it can help you feel fuller throughout the day, which may keep cravings away. However, increased protein intake can also help you build muscle, which aids in body re-composition. 

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