Cinderella Solution – Review

There’s no news on the fact that the body changes with age, but what may come to you as a surprise is that the female body goes through a hormonal shift that makes it gain weight. This hormonal transition happens straight from puberty and goes way down to menopause, giving you 30+ years of your body craving weight gain. The hormonal shift also makes it difficult for your body to fight off diseases besides the weight gain affecting your health, happiness, and body. But no worries – Cinderella Solution is here to help you go through this.


Cinderella Solution is a flawless weight loss system that guides you through a complete change, which allows you to eliminate the effects of slow metabolism, a hormonal transition every woman goes by from puberty to menopause. They are what keep you from losing weight or maintaining it healthy, they really mess up your metabolism and not in a good way. Doctors are even calling this hormonal imbalance the “ticking time bomb” and if not taken care of, it will continue to make it difficult to lose weight despite your greatest efforts. Now is the time for you to boost your metabolism in the right way by reducing the side effects of this hormonal transition, getting full control over your health and happiness

With Cinderella Solution, you go through a 30-day program that is divided into two phases:

1. Ignite Phase – 2 weeks

this is where you learn how to detoxify and cleanse your body, getting rid of things that make it difficult to lose weight, while also reigniting your fat-burning hormones. 

2. Launch Phase – 2 weeks

this is where you learn how to lose weight more quickly with your new and improved metabolic and hormonal environment.

I do know that most of the diets out there require you to count down your calories, but for Cinderella Solution this is not necessary, once the focuses of the program are food pairings, movement sequencing, eating frequency, among others. The system is well separated into sections making it easier and enjoyable for you to read it, there are even some bonuses that you receive free of charge. Let’s take a look at what you receive after purchase:

  • Main Book and Owner’s Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Free Bonus: Cinderella Accelerator: 21-Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
  • Free Bonus: 72 Female Fat-Loss Dessert Recipes
  • Free Bonus: One Day Detox
  • Free Bonus: Cinderella Accelerator: The Movement Sequencing Activity Guide
  • Free Bonus: 5 Minutes to Look Younger Best-Selling Workout DVD

All of this comes with immediate access just after you buy the program. Since everything is digital, you can get started wherever you may be, you can download into your laptop, smartphone, computer, or tablet, making it easier to stick with the regime because you are always going to take with you their meal plans, advice, tips, and recipes.

Cinderella Solution comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, giving you two months to put the regime into place to see how it affects your results. So, if you are not very sure that the hormonal transition is what’s making it difficult for you to lose weight, you have nothing to lose by seeing if it is the problem, you can get your money back if it isn’t.


The program has a 30-day length and it was designed to flush out all the toxins and hormonal imbalances in your organism, making it easier for you to lose weight, improving your hormonal system and metabolism. It comes with rich information about weight loss, female hormones, and how this program works, besides giving you great recipes, workout regimes, meal plans, lifestyle tips, and much more.

You definitely don’t want to skip over the main manual, as it comes with detailed recommendations, food lists, descriptions, DIY meal creators, step-by-step instructions, and pretty much everything you need to bloom for the next 30 days and well after. Here is a look at the main guide:

Part One of Cinderella Solution: The Program Explained

Chapter One: “Weight Loss From The Inside Out” à Where and How to Get Started

Chapter Two: Weight Loss Rituals

  1. Food Coupling
  2. Flavor Pairing
  3. Nutrient Timing
  4. Movement Sequencing

Chapter Three: Ignite and Launch Cinderella’s 2-Phase Approach to Weight Loss

  1. Phase 1: The “Ignite” Phase
  2. Phase 2: The “Launch” Phase
  3. Cycling the Ignite and Launch Phases

Chapter Four: Macros and Food Pairing Rituals

  1. PRIME Proteins
  2. ROYAL Fats
  3. Power Carbs
  4. Angel Carb

Chapter Five: Meal Timing and Frequency

  1. Ignite: 3 Meals Daily
  2. Launch: 4 Meals Daily
  3. When To Eat

Part Two of Cinderella Solution: DIY Meal Creator and Flavor Pairing

  1. 3-Step Instruction Guide
  2. Food Pairing Legends
  3. Portioning Options
  4. Portions and Serving Sizes

Part Three of Cinderella Solution: Top 11 Flavor Pairs and Weight Loss Combination

In addition to this, you also get the Quick Start Guide and free bonuses which provides you with even more healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle tips to maximize your results:

  1. Free Bonus: 5 Minutes to Look Younger Best-Selling Workout DVD
  2. Free Bonus: 72 Female Fat-Loss Dessert Recipes
  3. Free Bonus: Cinderella Accelerator: The Movement Sequencing Activity Guide
  4. Free Bonus: One Day Detox
  5. Free Bonus: Cinderella Accelerator: 21-Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide


This was designed by Carly Donovan. She couldn’t seem to lose weight despite her efforts on eating healthier and working out every other day, just like many women out there. Tired of the life she was living, she started to look at the change women go getting old, discovering the hormonal shift that affects the metabolism.  With a lot of research and trial-and-error, Carly discovered the most effective techniques and steps that prevent the weight-loss-inhibiting hormones, allowing hundreds of women to finally get the results they’ve been looking for.


This is a real functional program that was designed so the side effects of hormonal transitions wouldn’t be an issue any longer. It’s a lifestyle program that provides your body with what it needs for the next 30 years and beyond.