Keto diet: the ‘fad’ diet that helps you lose weight without having to count calories or quit eating bacon or burgers.

Keto Diet

Maybe you might have come across some keto diet plans that have become a “fad” in mainstream media and you might have found in interesting, or maybe, you were discouraged when you discovered  that you had to track your macronutrients and calorie intake in order to lose weight.

Don’t worry because the good news is that you can try a different, more “controversial” approach known as dirty or lazy keto. 

If you’ve ever looked up any kind of weight loss plan, you’ve probably noticed that every single one of them comes with a lot effort on your  part, whether it’s reducing the size of your portions, cooking up recipes that you aren’t familiar with, or even upping your fitness game by spending hours at the gym with risk provoking exercises.

New Ketogenic or Keto Diet

Over the last few years, the keto diet plan has garnered popularity because it requires the user to be very aware of what they’re eating and working out to the gram, what it is they put onto their plate. Thankfully, there’s an alternative capable of helping you reach your goals while putting an end to all the stress involved in a strict keto diet.

Basically, in a keto diet, what you have to do is base your diet on more fats and protein while cutting back the carbs.  Although it sounds simple and effortless, it actually requires followers of this specific diet plan to track their macros and calculate a specific amount of food intake based on age, workout plan and goals in order to properly activate ketosis in the body.

In general, to get your body into a state of active ketosis, you have to design your diet plan so that you can get 70-75% of your calories from fat, 5-10% from carbs and the remaining 15-20% from lean protein. If you can setup your meals that way, you will greatly increase your chances of getting your body to burn fat for energy to help accelerate your weight loss protocol.

Nevertheless, it’s a lot of work to keep track of the exact number of calories that you have to consume as well as the composition of macro and micronutrients of everything you eat. As a result, some people have adopted the lazy keto plan, which involves the same high-fat nutrients while only keeping track of the carbs that you are eating. That way, you only have to keep close track of one of the numbers (which is the hardest to stop eating).

By following the lazy keto plan, all you need is to make sure you keep your daily carb intake to about 20g which should come up to approximately 5% of your daily calorie consumption. The rest of your calories should come from high-fat nutrients and lean protein. Many followers of the lazy keto plan have reported success, one of them being a mother of twins who told Womens Health Magazine that she lost almost 150 pounds. 

Keto Diet

If you would like some cool tips, diet hacks and recipes about the lazy keto plan, checkout Kimberly Powell’s Instagram (@loving_lessofme_more) where she also shares information about body positivity and documents her journey with keto.

If you don’t connect with her content, you can always do a quick search using the hashtag #lazyketo to checkout what other people are posting for recipes, tips and tricks that you can use to help you adopt this cool diet plan in your life without too much difficulty or suffering.

Atkins diet vs Lazy Plan

Some health professionals have compared the lazy keto plan to the renowned Atkins Diet being that they aren’t too different from each other.

It is important to note that you should always consult a health professional before adopting a diet like this as it might not suit everybody and could bring dangerous side effects according to predisposed medical conditions, age or body type.

The bottom line is: if you want to see quick and drastic results in fat loss, learning how to get your body into ketosis in a healthy and sustainable way is the proven method to do that. It might not be easy, but the results speak for themselves.

Before you do so however, consult the proper health professional to help guide you and make sure that the plan you follow suits your specific needs and is safe and healthy.

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