How to Redirect Students When They’ve Completed a Google Form

Yesterday I published a video about collecting pictures through Google Forms. That post was inspired by a request for help from a former colleague of mine. This post was also inspired by the second part of that colleague’s help request. The question he had was about how to direct people to purchase tickets for an event after completing a Google Form. The solution is to put a link in the “successful submission” field that people see when they complete your Google Form. 

In the settings for your Google Form you can edit what appears when people successfully complete your forms. You can include links to external websites in the “successful submission” field that appears when the form is completed. Watch this video to see how that is done. 

Video – How to Redirect to Specific Pages After Completing a Google Form

Applications for Education

For many years I put links in the “successful submission” message to redirect students to activities that I wanted them to do after they finished a quiz that they had taken in Google Forms.